Tierra Patagonia

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is a new retreat center in Torres del Paine, Chile nestled in the southernmost reaches of Chilean Patagonia. Specializing in reconnecting visitors with nature at the reserve, their expert staff specializes in sustainable management. At Tierra Hotel sustainability is a strong factor in all of their decision making. For this reason they strongly support Reforest Patagonia, an unprecedented citizen campaign that aims to plant 1,000,000 trees.

“This public-private initiative nonprofit project is being supported by Conaf (Chilean forest administration), Chile´s Tourism Board the Subsecretaría de Turismo, Patagonia Sur, a private company which is responsible for logistics and coordination of reforestation crews as well as Fundación Imagen de Chile, a foundation responsible for promoting Chile´s image. The main objective of this campaign is for citizens worldwide to contribute 1,000,000 native trees (lengas, ñirres and coigües) to be planted in four national parks and reserves in Chilean Patagonia.”

Tierra Patagonia graciously offers excursions like horseback riding:

Horseback riding is one of the unique and unforgettable experiences in Patagonia, as much so for beginners as for experienced riders. Most of our rides take place from Cerro Guido. The private land of this estancia or Patagonian Ranch extends more than 100,000 hectares and the local gauchos (cowboys) accompany us on this adventure at “the uttermost ends of the earth.” The horses of the ranch were born and raised in this wild terrain and have been specially trained so anyone may ride here, even if they have no previous experience. Riding here means you can experience this special part of Patagonia like the locals do, on horseback with them at your side.”

After a beautiful ride pay a visit to their exquisitely designed Uma Spa to ease sore muscles:

 “The Uma Spa facilities include an indoor swimming pool with hydro massage and cascades, an outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, a rest and relaxation area, locker rooms, and lush towels and robes. Come before your treatment and enjoy a steam bath or sauna and a swim, and then afterwards use the relaxation areas for as long as you like…”

Above image and top image of the Uma Spa via Tierra Patagonia.

WINGS Birding Tours in Goa India

WINGS Birding Tours is offering a tour in Goa, India:

“Lying on the Arabian Sea well within the Tropic of Cancer and approximately 250 miles south of Bombay, India, the restful haven of Goa offers balmy seas, cloudless blue skies, endless white sand beaches fringed with palms, and stunning sunsets coupled with a novel blend of European culture and Indian ambience.

Goa is also a birdwatcher’s paradise with many excellent habitats: wide river estuaries, mangrove swamps, marshes, scrub-covered hillsides, arid fields, rich forest reserves at the foot of the majestic Western Ghats and a spectacular bird-thronged lake at Carambolim.”

Check out their bird list, some of the birds in Goa include:
The Purple Heron.

The Egret:
and the Brahminy Kite:
1024px-Brahminy_kiteImage source.

Aqua Expeditions: Wildlife Preservation & Responsible Tourism

Aqua Expeditions offers trips to places as exotic and far out as Angkor Wat pictured above.

From AE: “In magnificent natural environments as Amazonia and the Mekong Delta, the team at Aqua Expeditions can see very clearly that responsible, eco-friendly operations play a crucial role in protecting the health of the people, wildlife and natural environments where we cruise. We are genuinely committed to keeping the great rivers of the world clean and beautiful, for today and for generations to come.

Wildlife Preservation & Conservation

Read more about Aqua Expedition’s support of local environmental conservation and wildlife protection initiatives in the Live From the River blog.”


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Amazon Cruises from WWF

(Images via Nathab.com)

World Wildlife Fund is offering new adventures and Amazon tours! Check them out:

“From the sky, the Amazon looks like a lush, green blanket stretching as far as the eye can see, with silver ribbons snaking across it. But on the ground, the world’s largest rain forest and its rivers comprise a complex realm where even the teeniest insect, seemingly invasive vine and inhibited bird all serve important roles.” Continue reading Amazon Cruises from WWF

World Wildlife Fund’s Palau Snorkeling Adventure


Join WWF on this snorkeling adventure!

“”The waters surrounding Palau teem with such marine life as sharks, turtles, tropical fish, manta rays and dugongs. And Jellyfish Lake is one of the most surreal snorkeling experiences on the planet. On this snorkeling adventure, full days are spent in the water (with an average of two or three daily outings daily), returning you to the comforts of a full-service resort hotel. Our flexible itinerary takes advantage of changing tides, currents and other conditions to put you in the best spots for memorable and breakthtaking snorkel excursions.” Continue reading World Wildlife Fund’s Palau Snorkeling Adventure

Helping Endangered Corals in Little Cayman with EarthWatch

h9-coral-nursery-c-ccmi_5912.jpgh8-people-conducting-research-sea-grass-monitoring-c-ccmi_5911.jpgGo on this EarthWatch expedition and “Help researchers learn what makes coral strong, which could have a hand in saving reefs across the world.

Coral reefs live in a stressful world. Thanks to climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, they have to deal with rising sea temperatures and increasingly acidic ocean waters, which make them more susceptible to disease and death.

The coral reef off Little Cayman Island tells a story of survival in the face of these challenges. It’s one of the few reefs in the world to recover after the 1998 El Nino year, which caused record-high sea temperatures around the world and took a huge toll on reefs (some countries lost 90% of their living reefs).”

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Tropical Birding at It’s Best in Panama

imageThe Sierra Club is offering a brilliant birding tour through Panama.imagePhotos above by Pati Rouzer (Trip Leader).

“Have you always wanted to bird Pipeline Road, experience a tropical sunrise from the top of the canopy, chase an ant swarm, walk in a cloud forest, and see the wintering home of our songbirds? Our journey offers a vast diversity of habitats while being comfortably based at two amazing lodges. We will explore the bird-rich lowland rainforest of the Canal Zone, and then from a mountain valley lodge enjoy more wonderful birding locations in the cloud forest, Caribbean slope, Pacific foothills, dry forest, and coastal beaches.

…Panama boasts 972 species of birds (16 globally threatened birds and 8 country endemics), 218 species of mammals, 242 known reptiles, 182 species of amphibians, and around 9,915 species of higher plants.”

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Swiss Family Adventure


“Head into the magnificent Swiss Alps on a family adventure that combines hiking and biking with legendary train journeys. Stay in two stunning mountain villages: Zermatt, within view of the iconic Matterhorn mountain; and Pontresina, in the beautiful Engadine Valley. Wind through the mountains on a historic train, hike beneath the Matterhorn, and ride the highest chairlift in Europe among spectacular snowcapped peaks. Discover Alpine wildlife with a naturalist, visit a cheese factory, and sample Swiss chocolate on this expedition designed for explorers of all ages.

image source.

Trip Highlights:

-Board the historic Glacier Express for a breathtaking journey across 291 Alpine bridges and through 91 tunnels.

-Bike along pristine lakes, ride a zip-line, and hike in the shadow of the Matterhorn’s craggy peak.

-Join an alpine guide for a walk on Morteratsch Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the eastern Alps.

-Listen to mountaineering tales from an expert climber, and meet a naturalist to learn about Alpine wildlife.

Australia’s Hummingbird Eco Retreat


“Situated adjacent to 72 acres of National Trust bushland The Hummingbird Eco Retreat offers nature walks in nearby Endeavour Fern Gully, classes in well-being subjects including yoga, meditation, dance and permaculture or the chance for reflection by an open fire. It has an extensive vegetable and herb garden that uses organic principles in its growing. We strive to use seasonal, local and organic produce in our cafe.

The Hummingbird Eco-Retreat is also close to attractions including beaches, wineries and restaurants, golf courses and craft markets..”

Explore Australia’s wildlife: