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Exploring Nature & Spirit in Myanmar & Thailand


An Exclusive Foray into Natural Realms of Ecotourism

“Renowned in the annals of global adventurers a century ago yet little known to modern-day vagabonds, Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – is opening its doors after long being inaccessible to travelers. Experience what has until now remained in isolation, from Buddhist cultural treasures and traditional rural villages to unspoiled tropical landscapes and fascinating wildlife. We’re sure you’ll concur with Rudyard Kipling, who wrote, “This is Burma, and it is unlike any land you know about.” That was in 1898 – and it’s still true today. Our unusual itinerary includes not only the golden temples of Yangon and Bagan, but national parks and natural highlights that few visitors see, including a remote slice of Thailand that is one of Southeast Asia’s richest wildlife enclaves.”


-Go to our remote ecolodge perched on volcanic slopes, look for rare wild langurs – leaf monkeys – in Popa Mountain National Park

-Snorkel over pristine coral reefs in the far-flung Mergui Archipelago, where we’ll also observe Burmese macaques, one of the world’s only tool-using primates

-Discover Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park, where prolific wildlife inhabits the world’s oldest rain forest amid spectacular karst mountains

Featured Leaf Monkey Image Source.