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Aqua Expeditions: Wildlife Preservation & Responsible Tourism

Aqua Expeditions offers trips to places as exotic and far out as Angkor Wat pictured above.

From AE: “In magnificent natural environments as Amazonia and the Mekong Delta, the team at Aqua Expeditions can see very clearly that responsible, eco-friendly operations play a crucial role in protecting the health of the people, wildlife and natural environments where we cruise. We are genuinely committed to keeping the great rivers of the world clean and beautiful, for today and for generations to come.

Wildlife Preservation & Conservation

Read more about Aqua Expedition’s support of local environmental conservation and wildlife protection initiatives in the Live From the River blog.”


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Amazon Cruises from WWF

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World Wildlife Fund is offering new adventures and Amazon tours! Check them out:

“From the sky, the Amazon looks like a lush, green blanket stretching as far as the eye can see, with silver ribbons snaking across it. But on the ground, the world’s largest rain forest and its rivers comprise a complex realm where even the teeniest insect, seemingly invasive vine and inhibited bird all serve important roles.” Continue reading Amazon Cruises from WWF