Helping Endangered Corals in Little Cayman with EarthWatch

h9-coral-nursery-c-ccmi_5912.jpgh8-people-conducting-research-sea-grass-monitoring-c-ccmi_5911.jpgGo on this EarthWatch expedition and “Help researchers learn what makes coral strong, which could have a hand in saving reefs across the world.

Coral reefs live in a stressful world. Thanks to climate change and carbon dioxide emissions, they have to deal with rising sea temperatures and increasingly acidic ocean waters, which make them more susceptible to disease and death.

The coral reef off Little Cayman Island tells a story of survival in the face of these challenges. It’s one of the few reefs in the world to recover after the 1998 El Nino year, which caused record-high sea temperatures around the world and took a huge toll on reefs (some countries lost 90% of their living reefs).”

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