WINGS Birding Tours in Goa India

WINGS Birding Tours is offering a tour in Goa, India:

“Lying on the Arabian Sea well within the Tropic of Cancer and approximately 250 miles south of Bombay, India, the restful haven of Goa offers balmy seas, cloudless blue skies, endless white sand beaches fringed with palms, and stunning sunsets coupled with a novel blend of European culture and Indian ambience.

Goa is also a birdwatcher’s paradise with many excellent habitats: wide river estuaries, mangrove swamps, marshes, scrub-covered hillsides, arid fields, rich forest reserves at the foot of the majestic Western Ghats and a spectacular bird-thronged lake at Carambolim.”

Check out their bird list, some of the birds in Goa include:
The Purple Heron.

The Egret:
and the Brahminy Kite:
1024px-Brahminy_kiteImage source.