Biomimicry Immersion in Costa Rica

Since 2002, Biomimicry 3.8 has been offering week-long immersion programs to introduce participants to a new way of viewing and valuing the genius that surrounds us in the natural world. This year, in cooperation with Biomimicry Institute, our program focuses on honing and developing the skills to tap into nature’s genius while inspiring new innovations. We’ve closely coupled the program experience with the Institute’s AskNature, the world’s premier digital library of nature’s adaptations,imageand provide the opportunity for participants to become first-hand contributors to this incredible seedbank of strategies. Through this offering, we invite designers, creators, and innovators from around the world to find inspiration from the strategies found in nature.

Are you someone passionate about nature and how her elegant solutions can and should inform sustainable designs for humanity? Are you curious about the adaptations of life on Earth to survive and thrive and the lessons we might learn? Have you been wondering how to tap into that seemingly infinite source of innovation and inspiration?

Then join us.

Upon completing this immersion program, you will be able to:

– Identify sustainable innovation strategies in nature and discern the functional objectives being achieved by forms, processes, and systems in nature

– Translate biological phenomenon into relevant and applicable design principles

-Fully describe a strategy discovered while in the Costa Rican tropical rainforest using the AskNature format and suggest applications for human designs

-Assemble interdisciplinary biomimicry work teams based on the core competencies required

-Recognize Life’s Principles, the rules for the way life on Earth can survive and thrive, in natural systems and in human design…”

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